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    Sweet Switchword Cards: Manifest Anything You Desire!


    The best deck of cards you will ever buy. We have created a power set of 5 x 7 Sweet Switchword cards you will utilize daily to activate and manifest what you desire with ease. The aim is to Say each set of Switchword cards out loud, meditate on them and attract what you desire with ease! Should you need to remove debt, bring a lover in your life, attract more clients and or elevate your wealth. We have the right set of POWER cards for you!

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    Are you ready to manifest anything you desire in your life?

    Many moons ago, I discovered a method or shall I share, a technique called: Switchwords. I learned to state or chant “One Word” or a “Word- Phrase” to Get What You Want. Switchwords are words we can use to switch our experience to a different, and better one.

    You will notice a circle around each word phrase included in the deck of cards, this is called an energy circle that placed around the word phrase. Energy Circles are one way to send remote positive energy to a person, place or thing, or even to yourself. Our team believe it was necessary to created what is called: The SWEET SWITCHWORD deck of cards that are a powerful tool to aid you in clearing debt, building your wealth and so much more.

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    It is best to say the included deck of Switchwords, chanting in sets of 10, 28 or 108 times in the morning and toward bedtime (the traditional mantra counts) or as many times as feel right for you to say out loud. There are a total of 22 cards in this deck and the size of each card is 5  x 8.

    In this deck you find that all the cards are larger than the average deck of what is term playing cards… Yet, you must know, our word phrase cards are not your average playing cards for games.  The Sweet Switchcards are focused on removing anything negative and or unwanted within yourself and in the outside world and Divine words used to elevate your lifestyle, your mindset and you wealth in this world.




    The aim is hold each card in your hand and or place the divine cards on your desk and say the words on the cards daily. Say the Switchwords our loud, meditate and attract what you desire with ease!

    Lela Christine
    Mother, Serial Entrepreneur and SW Lover


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